The Music of Personal Power Pathway

Be Your Best Self Now

by Katherine Scott

After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Aldous Huxley

Music is all around you. Music can make you laugh and cry. It can set your feet to tapping or your body swaying. Certain melodies or songs or musical patterns are indelibly associated with memories or feelings. They become points on a timeline of your personal history.

Music has the ability to make you feel sad, joyful, relaxed or energized, and your reaction to music will be completely unique to you. What you find calming may be completely boring to someone else. What is just loud noise to you might give a mood boost to a friend.

However, there is no doubt that whether you’re consciously listening or it’s simply an environment or soundtrack for your other activities, music in many styles and moods is part of your life.

The Power of Music

It’s because of the power of music to enhance our experience on many levels – brain function, feeling, mind, memory – that we chose to make music part of the 21 day programs offered by Personal Power Pathway.

Some experienced meditators advocate only silence for meditation. They state their case very well and are backed up by historical facts. Certainly deep prolonged states of meditation can be achieved with silence.

What music can provide during meditation is a tool to help you get into a state of deep relaxation yet maintain the awareness necessary for allowing thoughts to rise into your consciousness.

For our second Personal Power Pathway program Be Your Best Self Now we have chosen to combine;

  • Simple and original piano music
  • Ambient background sounds
  • Binaural beats
  • Spoken affirmations

These components create a balanced synergy that is designed to help you maintain a sense of grounded mindfulness as you listen and focus on your chosen quality.

More Thoughts On the Soundtracks

  1. Be Your Best Self Now is an overall journey of 21 days with each seven day period a smaller journey within the larger one. The music changes each day over the seven days, and then repeats for the second and third week.
  2. The addition of the ambient sounds provides a soothing background when the voice and the music drop out.
  3. Hidden within the ambient sounds are binaural beats set at an inaudible level. The frequencies of the binaural beats represent states of consciousness taking the listener progressively deeper into the chosen quality over each seven day journey. Please listen with headphones to benefit from the binaural beats.
  4. The complete soundtrack allows you to stay in a state of relaxed awareness. In a relaxed state your brain waves change from beta to alpha to theta which allows you to stay more open to activating the quality you focus on.

Only a Backdrop

As you do the program over the 21 days with all the parts coming together, the information in this article becomes merely a backdrop to what is important, which is to open your perception to a wider possibility of what you can create in your life by using the tools of Be Your Best Self Now.

Enjoy your journey!