Meet the Personal Power Pathway Team

Visions are really requests to the Universe. The Personal Power Pathway collaboration started as a creative vision held by each of us individually. The manifestation was all happening behind the scenes until we were brought together at the perfect time. At the moment we connected, it was the perfect birth of a perfect partnership.

Three Individuals Come Together

So many of the phenomenal women Cindy Loughran works with in her coaching practice are stopped by their fears, lack of confidence and negative internal chatter.  She has always wished they could see themselves as the powerful, brilliant, capable, wonderful people she and others saw them to be.  If they could, she knew their lives would take off and they would be happier, more fulfilled, more successful.

Cindy had started her own affirmation practice and had experienced a positive shift in her business and her life.  She was more grounded and relaxed, more energetic, more accepting of herself and others. All of this translated into better relationships, more success in her work, and more joy in her life.

It occurred to her that if she could offer a program that could teach people how to turn their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk into positive, empowering, loving thoughts, they too could experience the kinds of breakthroughs she’d had.

And she knew didn’t want to embark on this project alone.

Cindy met Karen Tax virtually through an advanced coach development program both were enrolled in.  She mentioned her idea to Karen who shared that she had been thinking the very same thing.  In her work Karen supports and guides people who are ready to create Soul-aligned work. People often come to her frustrated, full of fears and self-doubt which are the primary obstacles to reaching this goal.

A long-time affirmations and meditation practitioner herself, Karen knows the difference a practice can make. She often recommends that clients use affirmations to overcome challenges.  Her personal favorite is “I am a beautiful and wonderful woman” which anchors her into a connection with her Soul. Karen knows there is power is saying “I am” with an affirmation as it creates direct and immediate contact with your Soul.

She also knows that her clients’ busy lives can make a consistent practice difficult. She was sure there could be a way to make it fun and easy!

Katherine Scott, a seasoned meditation practitioner, avid student of the metaphysical world, and a fabulous singer/ songwriter, is a former client and now friend of Karen’s.  Passionate about music, Katherine had a voice studio where she coached singers and speakers, all of whom found that limiting beliefs rose to the surface through the medium of the voice.  Katherine came to understand that the voice is much more than the sound. She witnessed clients empowering themselves and learning new levels of self-acceptance, creativity and expression coming from deep inside of them. She now supports people in discovering and bringing their creative inner visions to life.

Over the past two or three years, Katherine and Karen had had several conversations about the possibility of partnering to create a recording with music and guided meditation.  Up until now, the time just hadn’t been right.

But now, everything seemed to be falling into place.  Karen introduced Katherine and Cindy and the partnership was formed.

Cindy Loughran

Cindy LoughranCindy Loughran is Chief Change Champion and Fear Blaster at Cindy Loughran Coaching.  She teaches clients the dynamics and process for transformation so that they can stop doing battle with change and start having more of what they want in their lives.  Her clients become empowered to create happier, healthier, more successful and more fulfilled lives.

Cindy has helped hundreds of corporate leaders, solopreneurs and small business owners and women in transition move from ‘wishing it’ to ‘living it.

A masterful Certified Professional Coach, Certified Group Coach and an engaging speaker, she is known for her insight, directness and humor, helping people see the truths about themselves without judgment.

Before Cindy’s entrepreneurial spirit took her out of the corporate arena, she spent nine years in leadership positions in Human Resource Management.  Drawing from her passion for developing the full potential in others and her success as an internal corporate partner and advisor, Cindy established her own Life Coaching and Leadership Development business in 1986.

Recognized as one of Boston’s Top Ten Coaches by Women’s Business Boston, she has been a contributor to national trade and business journals and blogs and has been a guest on several blog radio shows. Cindy earned a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Vermont.

Married with 2 sons, Cindy lives in a suburb of Boston, MA.  She does one-on-one coaching, group coaching and facilitates mastermind groups to help clients get the results they say they want in their lives, their careers or small businesses.

Katherine Scott

Katherine ScottKatherine Scott is a singer, songwriter, voice coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and author of the upcoming book Brave After All.  At Longing to BE, she is on a quest to inspire women to fully embody their Divine Potential and Power and bring their unique vision to life.

Becoming the powerful and creative woman she really is has been Katherine’s unfolding journey, a journey that isn’t over yet, and one she believes many of us are on today.

Throughout her years of getting a music degree, teaching elementary school, running her own voice studio, continuing her studies in voice and drama, and writing music (not all at the same time!), Katherine was noted for being unconventional and for her ability to continually create, not just her next project but her visions and her life.

When she left her home of many years in Toronto and moved to her new home in British Columbia, she left her successful voice studio behind. She was ready to start over, and she was excited to uncover the mystery of what was next.

One thing was clear. It had to be so wonderful and meaningful that she couldn’t wait to leap out of bed every morning, excited to start another day of creativity and fun.

A series of ‘accidental” conversations with other women pointed the way for Katherine’s next phase.

All of the women were aware something creative and vital was bubbling up inside them. They were hungry for something more than their current life and they longed to respond, but didn’t yet know how. They were sometimes confused, fearful, frustrated, or even depressed or angry. And yet their longing was palpable.

Katherine knew their experience first hand. She also knew the conversations were not coincidences so she said YES.

Katherine has gathered many life-changing practices and tools over her career as a learner and teacher. At Longing to Be she is passionate about inspiring and supporting women to take ownership of their creative genius and bring their vision to life, whatever it is.

And she just can’t wait to get up in the morning.

Karen Tax

Karen TaxKaren Tax is a spiritual guide and life architect who plays at the nexus of Soul, work, wealth, and fun. She works with clients to create Soul-satisfying, inspiring, and healthy careers, families, and workplaces.

Since 2000, Karen has helped thousands of corporate leaders, business owners, and regular people live from their power, purpose, and passion so they take Soul-aligned action that creates the work and lives they truly want!

The biggest challenge Karen has faced? Realizing her dream of a Soul-inspired life based on her deepest truths. Being a life-long learner, Karen captured every step of her journey to overcome this challenge, as well as what she’s learned from helping clients.

Using her background as an engineer, combined with her extensive experience with personal growth, AND organization, leadership, and career development, Karen refined this lifetime of learning into a body of work and systems she calls the IAM Way.

Karen guides individuals and work groups to align with their Soul, using the IAM Way which includes simple frameworks, online learning, community, and coaching, all supported by her IAM Learning Community website and platform. For example, the Personal Power Pathway is powered by the IAM Learning Community technology!

Karen lives the IAM Way. (Just ask her family about the IAM Maps!) Originally from Southern California, she and her husband Jan live with their 2 sons in Chapel Hill, North Carolina : the “southern part of heaven!“

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