The following are free resources that we offer to strengthen the impact of our affirmation meditation experiences and thus tap into your inherent personal power.

We recommend bookmarking this page so you can come back and use these resources whenever you need them.

Be Your Best Self Now ~ Call Recordings

Call #3: Turn Inspiration into Action
Use this player to listen to the complete version of the third call.

Use this player when you want to listen to only the visualization portion of the call. It lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Call #2: The Power of Visioning
Use this player to listen to the complete call. Listen first before using the second player which is only the visioning.

Use this player when you want to do only the visioning portion of the call. This portion lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Call #1: Understand and Overcome Resistance

Breathing Meditation

What do you think would happen in your life if you took just  a few minutes a day to focus on breathing deeply?

Find your own centering space within you with this 12 minute breathing meditation.

We recommend bookmarking the page so you can use this resource whenever you feel rushed or stressed.

The Power Flip

Is anchoring into your best self a priority in your life? Learn to do the flip!

“The flip” can be simply described as a shift in perception and experience that leads you from stuck and limited possibility where you are at the mercy of your circumstances, to experiences of liberation and infinite opportunity where you are the creator of your reality.

Find out much more here.

Visioning Practice

Sometimes when we face a crossroads, we don’t know which way to go.

Visioning is a spiritual practice that, if done on a consistent basis, can have a powerful impact on your choices and your life. It allows you to hear guidance and wisdom from the Trusted Source within you.

The more you engage in a visioning practice, the more insight and inspiration you receive. As a result, you can have more clarity about what actions to take.

Listen to a 20 minute Visioning call for Purpose and Mission here.

The Pathway Visualization

When you want to visualize to actualize something specific for your life, use this visualization recording from our first 21 day event of fall 2013.