The Personal Power Pathway Project

Be part of a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous world where you are guided by your essential nature, highest purpose and creative expression. 

The Personal Power Pathway project has solidified our ‘abundance’ way of thinking which says there is plenty for everyone, and reinforced our belief that three heads are better than one. Like the best of collaborations, incorporating the perspectives, specific gifts, talents and styles of three people makes the work much more fun and the end product richer.

We each have our strengths, which magically complement each other’s. We lead in the areas in which we shine and follow other times and the tapestry is a beautiful whole because of it.

The collaboration process is a tremendous laboratory of personal growth and development in which our strengths are acknowledged, our fears rear their ugly heads and our buttons are pushed.  We have all found it to be a wonderful opportunity to hold our mission as higher than our own personal desires, to communicate honestly with each other and face challenges directly.  And, we’ve taken advantage of many occasions to celebrate our individual and collective successes communally.

What started out challenging is now a virtual love fest and we hope that is reflected in the final product.  We offer it to you with a genuine wish for you to deepen your self-love and acceptance, increase your confidence and well-being so you can live the joyful, soulful, powerful life you were meant to live.

Who We Are

Our first event in the Fall of 2013 was a huge success. So much so, that we needed to regroup and figure out “who we are” and what it was that we were really wanting to achieve with Personal Power Pathway! Before our next event, we created the foundation for a sustainable, enduring, and impactful business:

Our Values:

  • We acknowledge that we are essential beings with a collective essential purpose that we are always creating.
  • We support each other in being our Essential Best as we co-create together in service of our collective essential purpose.
  • We trust ourselves, each others, and our clients / customers.
  • We value authenticity, intimacy, and personal connection with each other and our community at the level of spirit and physical form.
  • We follow the deep impulse that rises up in us which is consciousness itself. We create the path that our hearts’ song guides us to.
  • We know that what is beautiful is an expression of our heart’s desires and what is longing to be.

Our Purpose:

We are co-creating a loving world that works for everyone: a world where we accept, embrace, and celebrate all aspects of our humanity; where we trust our inner wisdom; where we feel safe to express our true nature; and where we honor everyone’s unique voice, creativity and talents.

Our Mission:

We co-create both products and experiences that turn inspiration into action. We create authentic and holistic success as we expand our ideas of prosperity, we bring art and creativity into every day work and life, we bridge spiritual ideas and concepts with ‘on the ground’ implementation, and we are a living experiment of how work can be done in ways that are unique, exhilarating, fun and powerful.

Our Vision:

We experience a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous world where everyone is guided by their essential nature, highest purpose and creative expression.

How We Are Unique:

We want to be so much more than a product delivery pipeline designed to maximize profits. Instead, we want to be there for you, to support you when confusion arises, to transform resistance into gifts, and to make real personal connections with you so we can hear what you need and co-create learning that is only possible together.