The Personal Power Pathway Be Your Best Self Now free event has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience it. You can amplify your best qualities and be your best self by purchasing your own copy of the Experience for only $39.99.

We received so much positive feedback about the program and how participants benefited from it, we want more people to reap the benefits!

Here’s what some of the participants said:

“Being a huge fan of trees (they symbolize so many things for me and my continued life journey of growth and healing) that my “check-in” on these affirmations make me feel a lot like a tree whose sap is being stimulated/strengthened/energized. I feel my reserve tank of sap is filling up (and I rarely have felt like I’ve got a ton of reserve to work with). My husband even noticed and remarked how full of energy I’ve been. LOVE THE FEELING!  Thank you!”

“After my Day 9 listening: This experience just keeps getting better and better. I feel that my day and whatever occurs during that day, flows more easily and my coping skills happen with a peaceful, gentle, “feel good” response to those daily events and circumstances.”

“That felt wonderful! I have recently finished a stressful time of my life in which I sold my home of almost 40 years and moved into an apartment in a Senior 55+ complex. The timing of this newest Personal Power Pathway is perfect for me to “put myself back together”.

Purchase your own copy and activate it today, and you will receive 21 different affirmations over the next 21 days so you can experience it exactly the way it happened during the free event.

Here’s Why Our Program is Unique

As in our first Personal Power Pathway event, Be Your Best Self Now combines affirmations, meditation, music and binaural beat technology. The complete soundtrack is designed to create a state of  continually rising consciousness.

The combination of spiritual technologies is offered as a daily practice to help you embody the qualities of your best self now. It will empower you to shift your habitual way of thinking so you can bring more love, more energy, more patience, more creativity, more fun, more joy, more of all the juicy things you want into your life. And, it will take you less than 15 minutes a day!

Shift Your Thinking

If you are like most people, you have a lot of negative messages running around in your head. You believe those messages to be the Truth and you act on them as if they are. But they are not the truth. In fact, most of them are not actually your own thoughts.

They are messages that have been downloaded into your head from others along your life’s journey. And, they have kept you from being your best you and making your greatest contribution to the world. You’ve been hearing them for so long, they’ve become a habit and you don’t even realize there’s another possibility.

You Will See New Possibilities

Personal Power Pathway Be Your Best Self Now is designed to help you create new Truths and live into the possibilities they create.

In The 21 Day Program You’ll Receive:

  • Short (about 15 minutes) daily recordings that take you on three 7 day journeys so you can embody the qualities that you want to experience in your life.
  • Inspiring, motivating content that helps you shift your habitual way of thinking, expands your awareness about what you want in your life, and reveals steps to get it.
  • A community where you can receive encouragement and support for your self discoveries.
  • Recordings of three 1 hour calls recorded at the end of each week that serve to enhance your experience through additional content and support.

You will also have access to a Facebook page that will allow you to interact with us and with fellow participants, to share successes and frustrations, ask questions and know you are not alone.


Purchase your copy of the Personal Power Pathway Experience and activate it today!



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